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Housing Issues Prompt Creative Solutions from Idaho School Districts

2022-02-24T11:18:04-07:00February 24, 2022|

The Blaine County school district launched a two-year pilot program for affordable housing to help certified and classified staff pay soaring rents in the region. The $1 million rental assistance program provides a subsidy for eligible staff members who spend 30% or more of their adjusted gross income on rent, utilities, and other relevant housing costs.

Idaho Transportation Funding for State and Local Highway Systems

2022-01-12T09:56:17-07:00January 12, 2022|

Each year Idaho’s cities, counties, and highway districts levy about $150 million in property taxes for maintenance of roads and bridges. Increasing state revenue for local roads and bridges is one way state policymakers could reduce local government reliance on property taxes and provide property tax relief to Idaho businesses and homeowners.

Impact Fees: A Tool Worth Exploring for Idaho School Districts

2022-01-12T09:59:55-07:00January 11, 2022|

Historically, school districts in Idaho have funded the construction of additional schools needed to serve new growth through property taxes. Growth in operating costs and restricted property tax levy increases eventually required Idaho school districts to seek supplemental overrides and plant levies to generate additional revenue.

The Untapped Link Between Online Shopping and Property Tax Relief

2022-01-12T09:26:10-07:00January 11, 2022|

When you buy a new shirt at your local department store or a new drill from a local hardware store, part of the sales tax you pay is shared with your city and county. Sharing sales tax revenue with Idaho cities and counties helps fund essential local government services like police and fire protection and road maintenance. It also reduces your city and county’s reliance on property taxes which, in turn, reduces the amount of property taxes you pay.

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