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26April 2021

Local Solutions to Local Problems

April 26, 2021|

There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding what Idaho public school teachers are currently allowed to teach and how those decisions are made. Keep It Local Idaho wants to clear up the confusion about how local school boards operate to ensure curriculum is appropriate for our schoolchildren. 

30March 2021

What Is Road Construction Season?

March 30, 2021|

Cottonwoods floating on the breeze. Irrigation ditches filling. The smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of sprinklers swish, swish swishing. These gentle signals to our senses send signals to our bodies that spring is here. With spring comes a parallel season here in Idaho. This is what many refer to as “road construction season.”

19March 2021

Why Roads are Idaho’s Lifeline

March 19, 2021|

Roads are critical for the safe movement of people and products. The next time you hop in your automobile, give a silent thank you to the local decisionmakers who work to provide Idahoans with safe corridors to aid you in reaching your destination.

19March 2021

Why Keep It Local

March 19, 2021|

You may be wondering, what inspired the founding of Keep It Local Idaho? We think facts are important. There are a lot of misconceptions about the services locally elected officials provide, so we want to share information with Idahoans about why we think that locals are essential.

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