Keep It Local Idaho 

January 7, 2022 


The Idaho Association of Counties, Idaho Association of Highway Districts, Association of Idaho Cities and the American Council of Engineering Companies Share Appreciation of Governor Little’s New Leading Idaho Transportation Proposals 

BOISE, Idaho, January 7, 2022 – Since Idaho is the fastest growing state in America, tackling the state’s deferred maintenance backlog to preserve and restore our existing transportation infrastructure is critical to support the growing and vibrant economy in our great state. Deferred maintenance on Idaho roads is a growing issue that needs addressed. 

Governor Little’s Leading Idaho proposals for $200 million in ongoing funding for roads and bridges and the $200 million in one-time investment package to improve local bridges will greatly improve our transportation infrastructure while also reducing pressure on property taxpayers. 

“The Idaho Association of Counties (IAC) appreciates Governor Little’s recognition of this critical funding need that will make a large impact on the lives of many Idahoans while also preventing the need to levy for property taxes to replace these bridges in the future,” said IAC Executive Director Seth Grigg. “Counties have numerous bridges in poor condition in need of replacement. These bridges provide critical access to markets for agriculture, business, and timber industries as well as communities. Counties do not have the funds to replace this essential infrastructure alone.” 

“The Idaho Association of Highway Districts (IAHD) stands firmly behind Governor Little’s infrastructure plan,” said IAHD Executive Director Nick Veldhouse. “We are pleased with the Governor’s acknowledgement and pledge to continue to spur economic growth and job creation for years to come through much needed investments in Idaho’s infrastructure while easing the burden on property taxpayers.” 

“The Association of Idaho Cities (AIC) is grateful for Governor Little’s leadership on funding solutions for Idaho’s aging infrastructure,” said AIC Executive Director Kelley Packer. “AIC stands ready to support and help the Governor and legislature on meeting these needs for Idaho’s future.” 

“The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Idaho is proud to support Governor Little’s leadership to fund critically needed transportation maintenance, repair and development in Idaho,” said ACEC Executive Director Liz Conner. “We are ready to work with Governor Little to ensure all our residents, students, businesses, and visitors have reliable transportation for work, school, home and play throughout our great state.”