In December 2021, the U.S. Census reported Idaho as the fastest-growing state in the nation for the fifth straight year. What does this growth mean for our roads? Simply stated, more growth equals more traffic which equals more congestion. While this may seem distressing, counties and highway districts across the state are prepared to take on the challenge thanks to additional funding streams recently passed.

Over the past two years, Governor Brad Little has prioritized strategic infrastructure investments. Governor Little urged the House and Senate to act. The Idaho Legislature responded by increasing transportation funding without raising taxes. House Transportation Chair Joe Palmer and Senate Transportation Chair Lori Den Hartog have served as critical allies in getting these investments to the governor’s desk. Governor Little and the legislature recognize the need for these investments.

Road and bridge crews from counties and highway districts across the state work hard every day to maintain and improve the safety of our roadways and bridges. Next time you run into some summer road construction, remember the rapid growth in Idaho. Welcome the road construction as a sign that local governments and our partners at the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) are working hard to keep up with the influx of newcomers while ensuring the safety of Idahoans and others who traverse Idaho roads and bridges every day.