There are a lot of misconceptions about the services local governments provide. We believe facts matter. Therefore, We are here to clear up the myths and misunderstanding by explaining how local governments function.  Keep It Local Idaho is your reliable source of information regarding local government operations. Here are four reasons to rely on Keep It Local Idaho.

Clearing Up Rumors

First, communication is critical. Misinformation regarding how property taxes are calculated and how local budgets work swirl across the internet in a dizzying fashion. We pledge to avoid the spin. We commit to stay focused on facts. We’ll explain things like how do property taxes work, how to pay for growth, and what local governments do.

Maintaining Idaho Way of Life

Second, locals are essential to maintaining the Idaho way of life. As polarization increases across the state, we choose sound policy decisions regardless of party affiliation. Through public hearings, city league softball games and even catching up at the corner store, we listen to our constituents. We are the closest elected officials to the people. Locally elected officials face tough decisions every day. These decisions are considered with care, because they can have far reaching consequences.

Making a Difference

Third, public officials don’t run for these offices for fame and fortune. We do it because we live here too and want to make a difference in our communities. Did you know many local officials, including school board members, library district board members, and more receive no pay for their efforts? Yet, they volunteer countless hours. Local elected officials are also your family, friends and neighbors trying to make our communities better.

No One-Size-Fits-All

Finally, locally elected officials are best suited to make decisions affecting our communities. We understand our localities and know a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely if ever helpful. Hopefully as you learn more about how local governments work, Idahoans will come to agree that locals are essential.